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All Lionel tinplate models were toys and not designed to be true scale reproductions of the original locomotives. But of course the toys have been designed and constructed with a particular real-world model in mind, that was in public use back in those days. Often the models were influenced not only by a single locomotive but featured details from multiple models. In the following we will try to show the Lionel electric model and their closest real-world motor side by side:

CategorizationReal-World ModelO Gauge Model Standard Gauge Model 
NYC T-1 #6000 (Footage on the #100)NYC-6000#700/1/2/3/4/6Lionel-706#42Lionel-42
NYC S-1S-1#150/152/153/154/158Lionel-152#6, #33/38/50 and #52/53Lionel-38
NYC S-2S-2#156Lionel-156#318Lionel-318
NYC S-3S-3#250/252Lionel-252
NYC GE Box CabGE-BoxCab#248Lionel-248#8Lionel-8
NYC Alco Box Cab (R-2)R-2#251Lionel-251 trainz.comX 
New Haven Box Cab (EP-1/EF-1)NewHaven-BoxCab#253Lionel-253
Boston and Maine Hoosac Tunnel Locomotive (Footage on the Hoosac Tunnel)Hoosac 
Milwaukee Bipolar (GE EP-2 “Olympian”)Bipolar#254Lionel-254 and #380Lionel-10
GE EP-2EP-2X #381 (and #381SS “Brute”)Lionel-381
PRR GG1 (Footage on the GG1)GG-1 dakotapaul.comGG1Lionel-GG1X 

Unless depicted otherwise, all real-world locomotive images on this page from the great guys at and wikipedia.

Trix Dampflokomotiven | | Lionel Steam Engines

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